Simon Barlow Solo Exhibition



Studio Gallery is delighted to present Simon Barlow's solo exhibition 'Remaining Light' at our Danks St, Waterloo gallery. 
Location | Studio Gallery, 3-7 Danks Street, Waterloo 
Exhibition | 5th October - 19th October, 2023

‘Remaining Light’ is an exploration of light, life, and the enduring beauty that resides in the ephemeral. Simon Barlow's ability to encapsulate the final moments of light on his subjects is nothing short of mesmerising. In Simon’s second solo exhibition with Studio Gallery, he invites us to ponder the depth of human experience, from love and passion to purity and enlightenment. 

“The concept of remaining light is at the heart of my artistic exploration. It is a concept that underscores the transience of life and the fleeting beauty that can be found in even the most delicate of subjects. When we speak of remaining light, we are referring to the last vestiges of illumination that dance upon the surface of an object, casting it in a unique and often poignant glow. In my work, I have sought to capture these fleeting moments, freezing them in time for us to contemplate.”


‘Remaining Light’, gracefully encapsulates the profound beauty of this phenomenon through Simon’s large botanical paintings. Ethereal remnants of light reveal both the obvious and the suggested, the tangible and the enigmatic—a captivating ode to life's final, elegiac moments of beauty and wonder. 

“In a way, flowers are a manifestation of remaining light in the natural world, embodying a brief moment of beauty before withering away.”



In the rich tapestry of artistic subjects, Simon has found a muse in flowers that perfectly encapsulates his preoccupation with light, and a dedication to perfecting his artistic process and his quest to immortalise his subjects. Simon's paintings allow us to linger in a freeze frame of resilient fragility, contemplating the dichotomy between life's chaos and order. These delicate entities embody mortality, spirituality and mythology, holding unique symbolism that provides a narrative within the canvas. 

“Flowers, in their silent beauty, speak to the timeless human experience, offering us a glimpse of the profound in the ordinary.”

The peony adeptly expresses themes of love and passion, functioning as an evocative testament to the intense and stirring emotions that inevitably inhabit the human experience. Conversely, the poppy, with its symbolic representation of purity and enlightenment, invites us to contemplate the deeper dimensions of existence. Simon amplifies the intricate beauty of these flowers, creating a dialogue that extends beyond the visual.

‘Remaining Light’ beckons us to contemplate the delicate grace of a flower's existence, reminding us that beauty, like light, is fleeting. A poignant metaphor for the human experience.


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