Kerry Armstrong, Clairy Laurence, Stanislas Piechaczek, Andy Harwood & Special Guests

Artist Talk & Drinks| 5:00pm - 7:00pm, Saturday, May 20th, 2023
Location | Studio Gallery, 7d Wandoo Street, Fortitude Valley



Shaun Lockyer, Director and Founder of Shaun Lockyer Architects
Sarah Townsend, Queensland State Manager at SPACE Furniture
Jane Grearly, Australian Artist and 2023 Dobell Drawing Prize winner

Studio Gallery is proud to present a dynamic panel discussion and evening event on the intersection of art, design, and community. Delve deep into the minds of esteemed Australian artists, including Stanislas Piechaczek, Andy Harwood, Clairy Laurence, and renowned artist and Studio Gallery director Kerry Armstrong. The panel discussion will explore the role that art plays in a design practice from various perspectives.

From the viewpoint of an artist, the discussion will delve into personal practices, pursuing a creative career, approaching an artwork, and finding inspiration. Artists will share insights on how their individual creative processes influence their work and how they stay motivated in their careers.

The role of the gallery and its significance in the art community will be discussed from the perspective of a gallerist. Operating in a digital age, adapting and thriving within the changing landscape while continuing to support and facilitate opportunities for artists.

Designers will also share their experiences on how to create an art budget for projects, working with art consultants, and home curation. The discussion will provide a comprehensive insight into the crucial role that art plays in the design process and how it can be used to create a unique and engaging space.

The event promises to be an insightful and thought-provoking conversation, providing a valuable platform for artists, gallerists, designers, and art enthusiasts to come together and discuss the intersection of art and design. Join us for an evening of fascinating insights and lively discussion.

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