Graya 'Sculpt'


In the heart of Brisbane, Graya​'s 'Sc​ulpt' r​esidence redefines the concept of a dream home, designed for those who appreciate the epitome of cultivated luxury.

This dynamic oasis celebrates artistry and refinement. Studio Gallery, the preferred art supplier of​ award winning builder Graya, play​ed a pivotal role in curating the art within ​'Sculpt​'. In collaboration with ​talented team at Studio Collective,​ t​his exclusive ​art curation​ transforms ​'S​culpt' into an inspiring, art gallery-style residence.


With its distinctive sculptural features and expansive voids, the​ 'Sculpt' art direction called for a confident palette of muted tones and unexpected pops of colour.

​Whimsical notions of abstraction from Kerry Armstrong and Ash Holmes lead you through the expansive corridors into the first lounge space, where Stanislas Piechaczek's large scale blend of vivid colours and silhouetted figures takes focal point. The second lounge space plays on texture with the voluptuous sculptural elements of Jean Paul Mangin. 
Gentle, dreamy and inviting, the bedrooms called for a contrast of expressive works from Ali ​McNabney-Stevens alongside the subtle and reductive works of Peter Summers. In the master, Sepideh Isley's ​expansive monochrome piece asserts its presence through the gentle manipulation of tonal contrast.

The 'Sculpt' curation embodies confidence, seamlessly weaving together the organic beauty of nature, rich textures, and opulent materials.Beyond being a mere dwelling​, 'Sculpt​' has been meticulously crafted to provide an immersive, harmonious living environment that fully embraces the picturesque riverfront setting.

Enhance your home with art. To discuss your own opportunity of full scale art curation on your project, please contact our expert art consultants:

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The Angle Of The Sun

Ash Holmes


    Don't Steal My Sunshine

    Trevor Cross


      Llewelyn Ave Roses

      Ali McNabney-Stevens


        Holding Space

        Sepideh Ilsley


          If It Were Dawn Forever

          Ash Holmes


            Sois Belle 2.58

            Annelie Vandendael