Spring Group Exhibition
Opening Night: Thursday 26th September, 2019

1238 High Street, Armadale
Light refreshments from 6:30pm onwards

Curated selection of works including an introduction to some new represented artists.



‘Une fenêtre (A window)’

Opening Night: Friday 15th November, 2019

“Art is no more nor less than a corner of nature seen through a temperament”- Emile Zola.

Une fenêtre (a window) explores human perspective and individual interpretation as an intrinsic component and essence of art making. Each artwork provides a window into the artist’s world, a vision coloured by individual stories and life experiences. Studio Gallery Melbourne wishes to celebrate the artistic perspective of our galleried artists.



‘Mask or Mirror’

Opening Night: January 2020 TBC

This exhibition will explore the notion of portraiture as an expression of radical revision or exposure of self. The works will cross over genres as we discover your interpretation and projection of self.