Art Rental

Rent art from our vast contemporary art collection, Studio Gallery offers leasing on an impressive range of genres and medias. Our leasing collection includes paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures, and drawings from emerging artists right through to mid-career and established artists.

Art rental is an invaluable, cost-effective way to create captivating spaces.

Our sizeable leasing collection, located in galleries across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, is constantly being updated and has works available to suit any calibre of project.

Why Rent Art?

Rent Art from Galleries in Sydney & Melbourne

Studio Gallery Group has two galleries in Melbourne, located in Armadale and Cheltenham, one in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and one gallery in Waterloo, Sydney. Each location offers a unique collection of leasing artworks. View our online catalogue above.

Tax Deductible

Art rental is 100% tax deductible for Australian businesses.

Short and Long-term Art Leasing

We offer a flexible approach to art leasing, offering terms as short as 1 day and up to 36 months, with the opportunity to extend at any time. To request a custom duration, please contact us directly.

Art Rental Process

Art Consultation

With works from over 100 artists it can be difficult deciding what artwork will suit your space. Our specialist art rental consultants can provide assistance in narrowing down your selection, and can assist you in curating a leasing collection that aligns with your corporate branding and design aesthetic.

We are also able to provide digital render of the work in your space to give an estimate of colour and size.

Take a look at our online catalogue below to get a feel for our collection, or get in touch with us via email ( or phone call onΒ 0424843329

Allow our Art Consultants to guide you with regards to suitability of artworks for your particular purpose, in order to achieve a high quality outcome. Please be aware that the works are not available for branding purposes unless permission is sought and granted by Studio Gallery Group.


Once the works have been selected and the leasing terms have been arranged, Studio Gallery can assist in organising the delivery and installation of your artwork to your business or corporation.