Susan Lincoln

Meanjin/Brisbane based, Susan Lincoln is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice has evolved from simple beginnings: as a girl capturing and refracting the light of a glass prism in the unique outback of Queensland. "My oeuvre has evolved from simple beginnings: as a girl capturing and refracting light through a glass prism in the unique light of outback Queensland. For me, materials such as acrylics, mirrors, lead crystal, sequins, and high gloss ceramics generate ethereal and glorious aesthetics, embodying my vision of a utopian world of minimalistic beauty. I use LIGHT to give life to the inanimate object; LINE to represent the passing of time; found TIMBER, which speaks of the symbiotic relationship between Nature and The Mother; and finally, the patterns and theories of sacred GEOMETRY, as I believe in the inter-connectedness of all that exists in the universe." Lincoln attained a BVA and MVA (Res) from Griffith University, Queensland College of Art. For over 25 years she has created bespoke sculptural light works for both private and public collections, also maintaining an active profile of group and solo exhibitions, as well as residencies throughout Australia. In 2021, Susan made two pledges to her conceptual practice moving forward: 1. To re-imagine, re-use, re-cycle all the stockpiled materials from over 2 decades of art making and; 2. To embrace a philosophy grounded in a John Baldesseri directive to not make any more boring art.