Greer Clayton Solo Exhibition

'Captured Horizons'


Studio Gallery is delighted to present Greer Clayton's first Australian solo exhibition 'Captured Horizons' at our Danks St, Waterloo gallery. We invite you to join us on opening night for celebratory drinks and an intimate artist talk with Greer.


Opening Night | 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Thursday 24th August
Location | Studio Gallery, 3-7 Danks Street, Waterloo 
Exhibition | 24th August - 7th September, 2023




In this new series, Clayton takes us to her dreamlike lands which are often described as feeling both familiar and foreign. She carefully details her works with emanating silver light, intricate mountain layers and hazy cloudscapes, offering us a peaceful and quiet escape from the overwhelming busyness of life. The artist cites modern art movements such as Expressionism and Impressionism, as a source of inspiration. This is evident in the way that she reveals her mark making to the viewer, and emphasises feeling and expression over topographical accuracy. 


“I’m seeking to transport the viewer back to a place that has resonated with me. Blurring the lines between reality and abstraction… working from memory to recreate the 'mood and feel’ of that environment and connect to that place.” 




Clayton renders light cutting through clouds and fracturing into sculptural-like forms. Giving structure to the sky makes it feel as though it is reaching down to touch the earth below. Light reflects on the bodies of water, establishing an ethereal effect that is moody and sublime. ‘Captured Horizons' is Clayton’s first solo exhibition in Australia. She has an extensive exhibition history in her home country, New Zealand, and has also had works exhibited in London and Scotland. 



Resting Place

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Smouldering Dusk

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