Future Rumination


Studio Gallery Group is proud to present Andy Harwood's most recent body of work Future Rumination as a solo exhibition.


Please join us for the opening night for drinks to celebrate


Exhibition Opening: 6:30 - 9:30pm, Thursday 10th March, 2022

Studio Gallery Group, 3-7 Danks St, Waterloo, NSW


Harwood’s latest series of work, Future Rumination (2022) extends themes explored in previous exhibitions, most notably the capacity for abstract geometry to evoke an emotive response in the viewer. Influenced by the Op Art movement, and in particular Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square, and Richard Anuszkiewicz’s Temple Series, Future Rumination exploits the functional relationship between retina and brain, between seeing and interpreting. Harwood utilises geometry to create the impression of the ruminating brain in the viewer. The gaze oscillates in a tension between inner and outer space, the edges of forms directing focus outwards like an arrow, while the transition of

colour gradients from light to dark pulls the gaze inwards to the inescapable void at the centre. The viewer’s sense of space and reality is distorted as shapes simultaneously appear to recede and advance. Harwood counters the structural precision of geometric forms by building colour in semitransparent, painterly layers, blending colours together to produce a kinetic, reverberating effect. The repetition of colour and form reflects repetition of thought, as the ruminative mind is unable to break free from the cycling of thoughts, paradoxically frozen in place by over-analysis.

Featuring portals, pillars and neon light, Future Rumination holds the viewer in a liminal space between order and disarray, movement and stillness.


Exhibition runs from: Thursday 10th March – Wednesday 23rd March

Gallery hours: 10:00 - 5:00pm Monday - Sunday