FEMME: Women in Art | Sydney Group Exhibition


In alignment with International Women’s Day 2024, Studio Gallery proudly presents FEMME: Women in Art. 

A group show exhibition celebrating the creativity and empowerment of female artists, exclusively highlighting the diverse talents within our local and international stable.

Join us on opening night for champagne and connect with our renowned artists as we celebrate the profound impact of women in the arts.

Opening night: Friday 8th March
Time: 5:30pm-7pm
Exhibition will run: March 8th - 22nd
Location: 3-7 Danks Street, Waterloo


Founded by artist Kerry Armstrong, Studio Gallery stands as a bastion of empowerment and inclusivity, committed to championing female-led business and fostering a culture of female leadership within the art industry. With 88% of our team and 65% of our artists identifying as women, Studio Gallery embodies our unwavering dedication to providing meaningful opportunities for females in the arts.

Join us as we honour the past, embrace the present, and shape the future, bringing women artists centre stage through the universal language of art.

FEMME: Women in Art, is a dual show spanning across our Sydney and Brisbane locations.

Gucci Giving

Elsbeth Shaw


    A Moment in Time 2

    Elsbeth Shaw


      The Women: Expander No.9

      Liliana Pasalic


        Sois Belle 8.1

        Annelie Vandendael


          We Went As Three

          Kerry Armstrong


            Love to Minnelli

            Kerry Armstrong


              My Gaze is Fixed on You

              Vanessa Newell


                Dot si si, 22

                Sepideh Ilsley


                  White Grid

                  Terri Brooks


                    Those Days...

                    Lynne Wallis


                      Datafield #19

                      Tammy Honey


                        Noble Lion

                        Clairy Laurence


                          Saoirse Wayfarer

                          Clairy Laurence


                            Our Home at the Foot of the Mountain

                            Miranda Russell


                              Veiled Aria

                              Robbie Harmsworth



                                Louise Knowles



                                  Terri Brooks


                                    My Inner Bridgerton

                                    Gabrielle Jones


                                      Sweet Caroline

                                      Renee Broders


                                        Blue Milk Glass and Nasturtiums

                                        Ali McNabney-Stevens


                                          Crowded interior with vase

                                          Veronica Cay


                                            There She Goes Again

                                            Lynn Savery