Burnt Marshmallows

Exhibition Opening: 6:30 - 8pm, Friday 29 July 2022. 

Studio Gallery - 14 Dissik Street, Cheltenham VIC

Exhibition runs from: 29th July - 12th August 2022

Gallery hours : 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, 11am - 4pm Weekends

Every once in a while an artist must step outside their comfort zone and into the experimental. Stanislas Piechaczek’s ’Burnt Marshmallows’ is a story of this transitory process. In his new body of work, the artist withdraws from his representational-figurative practice, exploding into a fiery abstract expressionism. In a recent trip to the lively city of Marrakech, Stan discovered the liberating art of hand painting. He felt an instant affinity for tangibly sculpting his subjects into existence. At his Noosa studio, Stan embraces this painterly technique, applying it to all fourteen canvases of his new large-scale canvases. In doing so, the artist emancipates himself from routine. All tools are at once abandoned: no brushes, no palette knives, no rollers. Just hands. From a symbiosis between the artist’s mind and body, derives a series of effervescent and transcendent major works.

Whilst Stan’s technique is fluid in its practice, his inspiration remains true to the essence of his lived experiences, worldview, surroundings, nostalgic past times and current interests. ’Burnt Marshmallows’ plays on the fascination of the artist who relates aspects of himself to the primal, hunter gatherer, going about their quotidian between land and sea. The immense scale of Stan’s canvases allow him to create larger-than-life-sized human forms, which seem to organically align with his own physicality and personality. The characters are familiar, sometimes self-referential, but always mysterious, even unto themselves. Questions of who they are, where they’re from and where they're headed is clouded by their abstracted environments. Only in their forward moving motion does Stan suggest they live in transit: somewhere between the past, present and future.

The organic palette of ‘Burnt Marshmallows’ echoes a bedouin aura, whilst streaks of vivid hue give forth a Contemporary edge. The title itself embodies the harmonious dichotomy between the confectionary, pink aesthetic of the marshmallow against the outdoorsy, earthy and tribal themes we associate with its moorish, burnt campfire crust.

Studio Gallery invites you to bask in the splendour of Stan’s new collection, which will be exhibited at our gallery in 14 Dissik Street Cheltenham, opening 29th July at 6.30pm and closing the 12th August 2022.

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