A Moment In Time

Simon Barlow Artist Statement

This body of work is an expression of, or testament to my obsessions

-the ancient craft of painting and natural beauty. 

Driven by my first encounter with the art of Caravaggio

and a compulsion to master my craft is my daily motivation in the studio.

A subconscious instinct and desire to capture the beauty of nature,

represented by the flower.

It is a trance-like process, transforming the everyday subject into

a monumental image

and celebration to impress the viewer.

My subject becomes the surreal, an ethereal

moment in time, in suspended animation,

a complex landscape of light and form.

The flower is a powerful image, representing love, life, loss, mortality and culture.

Humans and flowers have a unique relationship extending far back into our history

and our fascination with its form and meaning inspires my compositions.


“Everything that's lovely is 
but a brief, dreamy kind of delight.” 
– William Yeats.

2016 Peoples Choice Award, Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

Exhibition Time

 Exhibition runs from: 12th Nov - 28th Nov 2021  

Address: Studio Gallery - 14 Dissik St - Cheltenham VIC

Gallery hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Sunday

Please join us for the opening night for drinks to celebrate.

Exhibition Opening: 6-8pm, Friday 12th Nov, 2021

Artist talk will start at 7pm


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