Cave In and Open Up | 160 x 112 cm

Cave In and Open Up | 160 x 112 cm


Acrylic on linen

Framed in black Australian oak

Location: Cheltenham

About Sepideh Ilsley
Sepideh Ilsley is an artist aspired by simplicity and imperfection. Sepideh is originally Persian, born in 1980 in Shiraz, but grew up in Sweden and after spending a number of years travelling and living all over the world she has based herself with her family in Perth, Australia.

Creativity has always been a part of her life. After many years working as an Art Director and Graphic Designer she has ventured into the world of digital art, working with both intricate colourful graphic portraits and monochrome abstract artworks. She loves working with Imperfections and always goes where the painting and brush take her. Making bold mistakes, changing, re-layering, re-making, re-working. Often it is that misstep that makes the entire piece come together. "For me personally, the use of digital technology to make an artistic expression comes naturally, as it is a esthetic extension of my background in Art Direction and Graphic design. To use technology as an artistic tool to mediate or express a feeling, to tell a story, to me that bears the same value as using traditional media."

When asked for an example of how art has affected her life, she is reminded of an exhibition she attended called “LIFE IS THE HEART OF A RAINBOW”; a career-spanning body of work by leading contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. “The title of this exhibition resonated with me and I felt that it represents both life and art as the same being; intertwined, imperfect, real. That title is so deep in its simplicity and that is somewhere I would love to take my art.”

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