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Studio Gallery is focused on delivering dynamic, regularly rotated group exhibitions curated across our three gallery locations.

Our two Melbourne Art Galleries and Sydney Art Gallery represent over 60 Australian artists and International artists whose works span across a range of mediums and genres.

Past Exhibitions   


Past Exhibitions


Simon Barlow 'A Moment in Time' Solo Exhibition - November 2021

Katie Eraser 'Fill in The Unknown with Fantasy' Solo Exhibition - September 2021

Clare Brodie 'Pause Breathe' Solo Exhibition - August 2021

Neil Tomkins and Digby Webster 'The Earnest Brothers Daydream' Collaborative Exhibition July - 2021

Ali McNabney-Stevens 'Real, Imagined, Remembered' Solo Exhibition - June 2021

Lilianne Ivins Exhibition and Artist Talk, 'The Silent Wild' - May 2021

Stanislas Piechaczek Solo Exhibition, 'Mermaid, Bang Bang' - April 2021

Hollie McKenzie Artist Talk – December 2020

Clare Brodie 'Heartscape' Solo Exhibition - November 2020

'Shift' Group Exhibition - September 2020

Winter Group Exhibition - July 2020

Mask or Mirror - Notions of portraiture – May 2020

Jasmine Mansbridge 'Shape Shifting' Solo Digital Exhibition - March 2020

Autumn Group Exhibition - March 2020

Une fênetre (A window) - Human perspectives and individual interpretation – March 2020

Sydney Gallery Opening Exhibition - February 2020

Belle ArtStart Emerging Art Prize, Winner and Finalist Exhibition - February 2020

Armadale Group Summer Exhibition – December 2019

Summer Group Exhibition - December 2019

Clare Brodie 'Travel and Stop' Solo Exhibition - November 2019

Spring Group Exhibition - September 2019

Winter Group Exhibition - July 2019

Sidney Teodoruk and Neil Tomkins 'Synergy' Solo Exhibition - April 2019

Goompi 'Birin Gowrayma (Saltwater Story)' Solo Exhibition & Live Ceremony Performance - February 2019

Armadale Gallery Opening Exhibition - November 2018

Sidney Teodoruk 'Paint Crack the Sky' Solo Exhibition - September 2018

Spring Group Exhibition - September 2018

Barbara Kitallides 'Less Talk More Action' Solo Exhibition - June 2018

Cheltenham Gallery Opening Exhibition - February 2018