The Queen | 65 x 55 cm

The Queen | 65 x 55 cm



65 x 55 cm

Acrylic and oil on canvas

Framed in white shadowbox

Location: Cheltenham

About Nick Osmond

I am only new to painting, and for nearly four years I’ve worked almost every day, anchored in an intuitive sense of colour and guided by emotion, as I work the surface to achieve a unity of colour. I work in a loose semi abstract style, painting figurative images based generally on past and current narratives in Australian history.

My only knowledge of painting was Sidney Nolan. I absorbed his style, for months and years. This has evolved further through the influences of Adam Cullen, Paul Gaugain, Idris Murphy and Rhys Lees. I love the Gaugain quote, “If you see a tree as blue, then paint it blue”.

I have great energy in my brush work. I work wet on wet, with whatever colours are there. There is a flatness to my picture plane, where I play between depth and space. I do like the banality about it. I use acrylic paint because of its dullness, as I work to create clashes in regards to colours.

I try to reduce detail and set emotion, as a means to create subtly, and greater space for colour to say everything.

My big dream is to be able to communicate what life is like here, in Moree. The people, the trees, and the light.

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