Lima Barranco | 52 x 52 cm

Lima Barranco | 52 x 52 cm


Oil on canvas

Framed in natural oak

Location: Cheltenham

About Neil Tomkins

Neil E. Tomkins has been painting from an early age. As a (2011) graduate of Sydney Collage of the Arts he has maintained an active interest and drive towards his art practice and creative pursuits. He currently holds a residential position in the Higher Ground studios (Sydney) in which he has been developing his painting practice, gaining collaborators and extending his visual language through a mix of mediums and a focus on oil painting. 

This development is manifested into a powerful portfolio of visual content. All of which form the individual and expressive nature of Tomkins’ practice.  His work is an expressive and evocative approach to color tone and form. 

It is through landscape painting, Tomkins explores ideas of spirituality, physical and emotional displacement, and shamanism. With a ritualistic approach to painting offset by frantic impulses of gesture, Tomkins provides a dynamic reinvention of the traditions within landscape painting.

Tomkins work is currently held in private collections throughout South America, Mongolia, Mexico and New York. His paintings have been exhibited in regional Australia and major cities such as Melbourne, Tasmania and Sydney. Tomkins catalogue of residency programs include Q-bank Tasmania, El Ray Mexico and most recently (2018) Raizvanguarda Portugal.  

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