Breezy Morning, Sun on the Garden Table | 123 x 123 cm

Breezy Morning, Sun on the Garden Table | 123 x 123 cm


Oil on canvas

Framed in white shadowbox

Location: Armadale

About Mandy Francis

Mandy Francis’ paintings, drawings and sketches have been inspired by her longstanding interest in site, artistic experimentation and social/environmental justice. Her paintings are whimsical abstracted Still Lifes that simultaneously celebrate the resourceful tradition of sharing and collecting  plant clippings and reusing glass jars, bottles, or broken crockery, and celebrates anti-establishment by way of depicting hand-picked garden and curb side flowers, or the flourishing succulents grown from cuttings, vessels made of ceramics hand made by her, that are wonky and individual, or reclaimed jars, bottles, cups. To capture a quality which strongly opposes mass production, Mandy exaggerates colour and perspectives and intentionally exposes brush marks and paint drips to show signs of the hand made. Mandy also loves to capture dramatic light or sun-drenched moments from unusual perspectives, where objects become obscured allowing the silhouettes to become the prominent feature, a homage to the other/ underdog/ the unseen/ the overlooked. Technically to create this effect Mandy paints the shadowy silhouettes, ivory black or signal red. In a way, Mandy is doing a creative full circle, while she confirms her longstanding interest in social and environmental justice Mandy also references still life painters Matisse, David Hockney and Grace Cossington Smith- the painters that inspired her to become an artist in the first place.

With a Fine Art Degree majoring in sculpture from the NAS, Sydney, Mandy has also undertaken research at the University of Newcastle, completing a Masters and a Doctor of Philosophy, specialising in public sculpture and installation art.

Over 18 years, Mandy’s artistic practice as a sculptor and installation artist, has led her to art residencies in Japan and Australia, including remote communities in the central desert, Northern Territory and Artspace, Sydney. Mandy is a five time exhibitor at Bondi’s Sculpture By The Sea, and has exhibited and curated her own solo exhibitions at Tin Sheds, Sydney, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and The Lock-up Cultural Centre, Newcastle.  Mandy has presented her work and papers at conferences in Australia and most recently Paris, France. For the last two years, with a refocus on painting and drawing, Mandy has also completed in-depth theoretical research thesis titled 'Thoughts on Shadows' 2007, a thesis titled ' Material Poetry' 2016, and published a paper titled 'The Social Artist' 2017.

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