Native Bunch | 60 x 60 cm

Native Bunch | 60 x 60 cm


90 x 60 cm

Acrylic and oil on board


Location: Cheltenham

About Jennifer Gabbay

As a Blue Mountains artist, my artistic practice combines observations from travel and personal experiences of everyday surrounding beauty.

The reinvention of subjects through the development of my own painting language is the essence of the works.

My painting style is to disintegrate shapes and colours into fragments, a process of applying paint meticulously like pieces in a puzzle, thereby allowing images to develop like broken worlds pieced together for diffusion and distortion, movement and rhythm.

The paintings’ themes can be figurative but are mostly of the floral and landscape world via energy and vibration.

I have been a three-time finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Award for women artists and selected finalist and invited artist in many other exhibitions.

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