Adrift | 152 x 183 cm

Adrift | 152 x 183 cm


152 x 183 cm

Oil on canvas


Location: Cheltenham

About Jacinda Bayne

West Australian Artist Jacinda Bayne invites us to pause and connect. Her Landscapes provide a space for the viewer to breathe and to take time to reflect upon personal experiences. These large scale, evocative canvases are a fusion of experiences, memories and thoughts - light filtering through trees and water, suspended in time. Open fields of colour, smooth gradients of blues/turquoise, familiar landforms, a clearing in a forest and calm waters reflect the world above and below.

Colour is always an integral part of the process which evokes emotion toward what we are seeing. Glazes of oil paint fall into considered areas and pathways. The work is smooth, fluid and rich in pigment. Seemingly accidental runs of paint are expertly controlled and purposely placed to lead the eye through the composition. The scale of the works intend to allow the viewer to immerse themselves within the work and quieten the noise of the outside world. Carefully placed, bridges, trees and bodies of water all elicit quietude and reflection. Inspired by natural beauty, Jacinda returns to her collection of sketches, photographs and paint palettes, where the endless combinations of colours create an internal dialogue. Her combination of colour, light and imagery trigger one’s own sense of place.

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