Adam Spencer | 125 x 125 cm

Adam Spencer | 125 x 125 cm


Acrylic on canvas

Framed in black Australian oak

Location: Cheltenham

About Helen Oprey

Helen Oprey’s paintings are a combination of thoughtful contemplation and playful creativity, hoping to capture something both meaningful and beautiful. The outcome is not planned however the paintings allow Helen’s endless internal chatter to lead her into the next painting. Always starting out with her love of colour using experimental marks and texture all playing out in her unique process all before her adult mind and sensibilities take over.

The artist believes one must respect that art is an attempt to capture freedom of expression within the confines of balance, harmony and integrity, a bit like life itself. Helen invites the viewer to join her in exploring her pieces that seek to celebrate via expressionism social justice issues that are close to her heart. The artists is simply wishing to learn something new from each endeavor.

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