Shoot the Messenger | 60 x 27 cm

Shoot the Messenger | 60 x 27 cm


60 x 27 cm

Glazed Earthenware and Gold Leaf sculpture

Location: Cheltenham

About Grant Maxwell

Artist Grant Maxwell was born in: 1967 and holds an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts:

From 1988 he has exhibited in solo art exhibitions and group shows including the Ben Gallery, Canberra, the Global Gallery, Sydney and the renowned Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney.

His work is held in Private and Corporate collections and has appeared in the media including the Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review, Vogue Living and House & Garden magazines.

He has created works across a range of different mediums. Works on linen, canvas, paper, wood and metal. Painting in oils and acrylic and Sculpture using new, made and recycled materials. Layering is a preferred technique as is coming back to rework older works into new pieces. Having trained in ceramics shape, form, texture and finish are all part of the fabric of his work.

Inspired by travel his more recent works feature a strong use of colour in contrast to the tonal palate of earlier work. Large primary coloured sculptures explore structure, space, strength and fragility.

“Holy POP” was a series of works inspired by European religious art and created around artifacts and bric a brac found in the street and at French and Spanish flea markets,

On completing these works Grant's focus had come back to sculpture which inevitably led to a return to ceramics and "Ceramic Sculpture".

A visit to the Tower of London and an encounter with the Ravens was the spark of inspiration that evoked his latest works and re established ceramics as a medium Grant is very comfortable in.

A view shared by the Directors of .M Contemporary Gallery, Woollahra, who now represent the Artist.

“Why CHRIST ?, if you repeat the idea enough it becomes the narrative”

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