Composition V | 73 x 60 cm

Composition V | 73 x 60 cm


Mixed media on paper

Framed in natural oak

Location: Cheltenham

About Gabrijela Iva Polic

"My practice explores the nature of the human bond, mainly the bond I myself have with loved ones. Those I hold dear are my muses."

Fascinated by exploring themes around love and the human connection, Gabrijela Iva Polic’s works move between abstraction and figuration. Polic graduated from the University of New South Wales’ College of Fine Arts in 2013 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and has since been finding her place in the Sydney Art scene and creating enigmatic bodies of work that lure and entice.

The characters in her pictures serve as metaphors for the immaterial and spiritual phenomenon of the human bond. Although not clearly visible, Polic’s poetic references come from a fascination with nature and interest in symbiotic relationships in nature. The characters in Polic’s paintings mimic these symbiotic relationships as they grow from, feed off, protect and nurture each other. Likening them to the human bond.

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