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Brad Teodoruk draws inspiration everywhere: from pop culture, through current affairs and conversations with friends, to antique bird watching guides and poetry. Like a prism in reverse, these influences confer through the artist and focus into a single artwork, with floating phrases and disjointed images merging into visual poetry.

Omission is a theme that is included throughout most of Teodoruk’s practice, the layering creating a hidden history within the work. The juxtaposition of flat and impasto surfaces tells as much of a story as the images scattered across the canvas. In his most recent works, Teodoruk has gotten looser with his brush, giving the canvas over to shape, composition and colour.

After an overwhelming response to Brad's first solo Sydney show, this new exhibition explores a series of abstract landscape paintings with a running narrative of the real and the imaginary world.

Join us in celebrating the opening of Brad Teodoruk's first ever Melbourne solo show at Studio Gallery Melbourne on 21st September.

Exhibition Opening Night | Friday, 21st September, 2018
Light refreshments from 6pm - 8pm
14 Dissik Street Cheltenham, Melbourne
Exhibition runs | 21st September - 23rd October


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