Eva Horvath

eva horvath.jpg

Eva’s body of work includes large interiors, urban landscapes, and a variety of abstract paintings in oil paint and mixed media on linen. Eva’s more recent paintings have been included in group exhibitions at Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, and the annual Linden Postcard Show in St. Kilda and South Yarra.

Born in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Eva Horvath and family immigrated to Australia in the 1960’s. Eva went on to study painting, photography and ceramics at Monash University, graduating in Fine Art & Design in 1976.

Traveling between Japan, Europe and America from 1979-90 Eva was involved in the management of her family's art and craft business at Quasi Modo Gallery, North Brighton, and created much of the featured artwork, ceramics and merchandise.

Following this was training and employment in custom picture framing through the 1990’s, which resulted in her role as managing director of Vic Ave Framing in Albert Park.

In 1998 Eva went on to establish Articall Art and Framing Consultancy in Brighton and was owner and manager between 1998 and 2014.

Whilst continuing to provide framing and decorative services and workshops for emerging artists, Articall Art Gallery has held regular exhibitions of contemporary paintings and sculptureby local, emerging and established artists.

The Brighton Art Gallery and studios were closed in 2014 to allow time for Eva to focus on developing her art practice full-time at her Cheltenham studios.