Daydreamer Armature | 140 x 120 cm

Daydreamer Armature | 140 x 120 cm


140 x 120 cm

Acrylic on clear perspex

Framed in white Australian oak

Location: Cheltenham

About Claire Kirkup

Working in a semi abstract illustrative style, having friends, family and models as muses, and travel experiences as inspiration, Claire's work endeavours to capture the softness and vulnerability of a certain moment in time, through large scale paintings.

Her core themes and concepts lie in representing an emotion in the work that encompasses her pursuit and need for calm, relaxation and quietness.

The physical experience of painting is, in essence, also achieving this, along with the representation of the subject. Claire's attitude to life at that time is reflected in the application of subject matter.

Preferring to work large and bold in order to express the desired outcome along with visible brush line and layered colour, has led Claire's works to develop over time into balanced paintings that represent a simultaneous presence of softness and strength.

'I adore painting people. This is my first choice in any kind of representation.

I observe people in shapes and colours and then this becomes the basis of a more illustrative idea that comes to form as a painting. Stripping back to certain focal points and then developing from there, gives me a great framework to then layer and develop them into the person I want them to be'.

Claire has been exhibiting in Solo and group shows for the past 13 years, and has collectors in Australia and Internationally.

Claire's studio is based in Melbourne.

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