Frolic Red | 80 x 120 cm

Frolic Red | 80 x 120 cm


Acrylic on honeycomb aluminum

Location: TBA

About Brent Hallard

Kate Mothes of the Young Space Art Blog said of Brent Hallard's work: "The paintings...are wonderfully simple. The edges are so distinct and the colors so bright that they very nearly press into optical territory. Some of his pieces are perfectly symmetrical, yet the boundaries shift as we run our eyes from segment to segment, stripe to stripe, as the color plays slight tricks on our eyes. He seems to commit to symmetrical, hard-edged abstraction and then in the next instance make a work...that seems to say he knows these are expected to be hard-edged paintings, but see? Sometimes they're not. And to prove it, he'll color outside the lines."

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