Anne-Marie Zanetti - Top 8 Female Artists in The Boynes Emerging Artist Award 2021

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Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Anne-Marie Zanetti is a painter and finalist in the 4th Edition of Boynes Emerging Artist Award. Her love for the discipline emerged from a young age when she “can remember having enjoyed using my hands, from drawing and painting to cross-stitching and sewing, even building with timber or clay. As one of six children there was no space or thought given to pursuing a creative career. So, with the demands of a full and busy life I chose to continue my creativity as a hobby for two decades.” The opportunity to refocus on her art arose when her youngest child reached school age her husband encouraged me to pursue my passion. Since then, she has given herself permission to experiment with different forms of art but realised very quickly that she felt most comfortable with a paintbrush in her hand as it came very naturally to her. The magical illusion of painting leaves Zanetti in awe and gives her “a sense of satisfaction that little else can compare to and sometimes even leaves me speechless.”


Her winning work in the 4th Edition, ‘From Which Do We Attain Our Maturity - Inside out or outside in?’ forms part of the ‘Reminisce’ series of portraits of her youngest daughter, Bec, and as a series, they are part of Zanetti’s ongoing investigation into the turbulent years of her younger self. We celebrated this piece in our article “10 Best Portraits in the Boynes Emerging Artist Award” commending Zanetti for her precise and purposeful artistic choices including her technique and colour palette as well as the depth of both painting and symbolism behind the piece. She allows us to be a part of her unedited and intimate journey of experiencing the wonderful insights that accompany “delving into the shadows of our emotional landscape”, all wrapped up in a beautiful symbolic package.

Zanetti has been recognized by Blue Review Art Prize 2021 and has been awarded numerous awards including 3rd Place International Guild of Realism Fall Salon 2021, REHS Gallery Exhibition Award – 15th International ARC Salon 2021, Commended Award – Light, Space and Time ‘Animal’ Exhibition 2020 and also selected exhibitions in which she was Semi-finalist - Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Sydney Australia, Finalist Brisbane Portrait Prize, Brisbane Qld Australia, ‘Quest for the Modern Figure’ exhibition 33 Contemporary Gallery IL, USA.



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