Grey and Green Crossover | H117 x W61 x D8cm

Grey and Green Crossover | H117 x W61 x D8cm


H117 x W61 x D8cm

Wall mounted, heat moulded polymethyl methacrylate

Location: Cheltenham

About Anya Pesce

Anya Pesce is a Sydney based artist, whose work addresses surface, colour and materiality. Her work explores how the combination of these elements impacts the viewer, resulting in visual and sensory stimulation. The fascination with material properties, attention to surface, reflection and perception is Pesce’s reference to ‘Finish Fetish’ in contemporary practice.

Transforming plastic material from its industrial incipient state, to a form that is both illusive and real, arouses curiosity through juxtaposition.

Anya Pesce has an interest in painting and post-minimalist concepts, arising from the critical discourse surrounding abstraction and non-objective work. Her work combines elements of hard-edged geometrical shapes counterbalanced by softer, gestural drapes. The historical reference to ‘Finish Fetish’ refers to art made in Los Angeles in the 1960s, when artists explored the interaction between the artist’s hand and manufacturing.

Anya Pesce’s series Fantastik Plastik features three-dimensional hybrids of painting and sculpture. The polymethyl methacrylate material is heated and molded by hand, and rendered in a seductive palette of red that arouses, stimulates and repels.

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