Madeleine Collopy

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With a background in dance, and a strong interest in contemporary choreography, Madeleine Collopy’s work is inspired by movement and the body, with particular focus on interaction with the space.  Madeleine believes that, for her, there is an intrinsic connection between movement and her contemporary drawing practice.  The exploration of this relationship and comparing the two, whilst analysing them as a complete artifact, as opposed to separate art forms, is an exploration into the unknown. 

Her work is experimental and process driven, often coming to a conclusion only through exploration. Madeleine uses a variety of mediums and gestural brushstrokes with the work formed from layers and layers of reworking.

Madeleine completed her Bachelors in Dance through the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and Edith Cowan University in 2008, and is now combining her skills and knowledge in dance with her excitement for the visual arts.

In 2015 Madeleine has exhibited with Eduard Helmbold for the Indecisive Face exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia.  In 2016, Madeleine was among a few selected to exhibit works with Hill Smith Gallery in Adelaide in their annual graduate student show. 

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AC ARTS and Flinders University in December 2016, Madeleine’s work was selected for the Helpmann Academy’s Graduate Exhibition in Adelaide where she was awarded a $5,000 prize and internship with Worth Gallery at The Barn in Stirling.  Madeleine completed her residency in July 2017 with her first solo exhibition, Memory Movement at Fisher Jeffries Gallery. In February 2018 she has exhibited with BMG Gallery in Adelaide.