Isabelle De Kleine



Isabelle de Kleine is a Perth-Melbourne based artist working with the moving image and painting. Her work is a cross disciplinary exploration into perception and the psychological self; it is a continual study into a flawed, altered and edited conception of a reality through collaged and digital aesthetics. Through her practice Isabelle explores identity, femininity, subjectivity and ambiguity.

Isabelle completed her bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016 at RMIT University and has received national recognition for her work, notably winning the Macquarie Digital Portrait Award (2015) at The National Portrait Gallery and the Arkley Prize (2016) at the NotFair Art Fair. Furthermore, has exhibited work at Anna Pappas Gallery (2017), Rubicon ARI (2017), Blindside ARI (2016). as well as Channels Festival (2016) and Gertrude Street Projection Festival (2016) and has worked in residence at The Edge, State Library of Queensland (2016).