Goompi Ugerabah

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Goompi Ugerabah expresses his cultural identity through intricate and restrained dot patterns and fluid line. His ancestors were originally from Gurreng Gurreng people near Maryborough QLD.  After settlement his great great grandmother was forced to move to the Ngnarangwal tribal area (Gold Coast) and Minjungbal tribal area (Tweed Heads), where Goompi and the last few generations of his family were born and bred.

Using eye-catching neutral landscapes and a sense of vibrancy and movement, Goompi’s works aim to teach and transfer stories from his skin father and other elders to maintain the story-telling tradition of his ancestors. This is further explored with a hand-written story on the back of every piece with the purpose of transferring knowledge. He does this further through song and dance as member and manager of, Bundjalung Kunjiel Dance Troupe.

The driving force behind Goompi’s works is well articulated through the following quote,

I want to do my best to show our culture to the world and also teach our young to keep traditions alive. Our culture that our ancestors practiced and lived is who we really are, and that gives us our true identity.’