Luke Lee



Hyoung-Woo Lee (Luke's Korean name) was born in 1966 in Gwangju, South Korea. He enjoyed drawing since childhood and studied fine art at Hongik University. Lukeโ€™s works are expression of allegories derived from social and historic happenings, reflected in various mythology.

His works have been represented in 19 solo and 110 group exhibitions and 4 art fairs. He currently lives and works in Gwangju South Korea.

My painting starts with a story that does not interfere with anyone. Gods and Creators did not interfere with humans. So I am more free and fun than other arts. I think it should be.

There is no past in my art. Because art does not want to stay in one place. But I am influenced by several painters. It simply does not mean copying or imitation. Their world is also a creative inspiration within me. Showing something new in the traditional painting. Something other than something special. It is also the source I seek. So I am looking for new beauty every day. Even if it is not .โ€

- Luke Lee