Barbara Kitallides

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Barbara Kitallides is a Cypriot born Melbourne based artist. Barbara’s artwork is an exploration of life and place in the modern world, how her inner conscience interacts with her surroundings. "It is my intention to find balance from the chaos of my internal and external world." The artist paints on the studio floor. This technique affects the final outcome of the painting. Often, not knowing how the painting will look until dry and elevated to an upright position. “It is this unknown element that makes the process exciting. Even with the greatest mapping and intention, I do not know the outcome until I have finished painting. This technique helps me hand over some of the control to the unknown”. The artist’s action charged strokes of paint is a spontaneous motion. “It is within these hyper movements of lines and form where I feel most at ease; the ‘outpour’ is the relief." Barbara’s intuitive use of color explores how the placement of each pigment works to evoke a visceral reaction. With a strong following of collectors throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. 

'It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under’ Grand Master Flash – The Message (1982)